Our mission is the future of identity, not your wallet.

Free Identity Verification & KYC Management

Swish provides startups with the ability to easily implement identity verification services at no cost. We achieve this by utilizing advanced AI & computer vision technologies.

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The features you need, the cost you want.

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Easy Integration

Swish allows any company to rapidly deploy identity verification services at scale. We've eliminated the high barrier to entry cost of traditional providers and the need for in-house solutions.

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Clean Dashboard

We believe user experience is key to the future of digital identity and every layer of Swish is built with that in mind.

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AI Fraud Detection

Swish is continuously developing new methods to detect fraud and automate the verification process. We deploy a variety of computer vision technologies such as facial recognition, liveliness detection, pixel manipulation, and data cross-checking.

Security, Management, and Convenience.

The current market is dominated by thousands of digital identity providers both private and in-house. We believe that in order to succeed your product must be your focus.

Our product is digital identity.

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Your identity is the universal password to your Identity. Don't entrust every site to secure it.

The future.

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Multi-Factor Identification

Our goal is the continued development of digital identity. Each step forward builds on privacy and security.

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Reusable Identity

Most providers charge a flat rate per identification regardless of how many times they've verified the same person or documents.

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